Smallville's Persuasion is Just How I Like it.

smallville_9x14_persuasion_165Is it just me or was this week’s Smallville better than last week’s 2 hour event?  Okay, maybe I’m over exaggerating but this week, 9.13 took a page out of the Supernatural play book.  They went for the laughs in the set-up and body of the episode.  They featured the most important and questionable relationships, featured important reoccurring characters and topped it all off with emotional growth and plot/lore progression.

Stay at home Lois was just plain fun and boy does that girl look good in a costume.  I also like that we’re learning that Clark’s kinda into that.  They’ve really let him grow up.  It was even nice to hear him use his man voice when he was confronting Zod.  Forget Ollie and his vocoder, lets let the man of steel use his real voice a little more often. Speaking of Oliver, it was refreshing to not see his naked torso in this ep in lieu of some awesome Dr Gaeta.

Seeing Tess again, finally, after the recent revelations about her leaves me unsure of her character.  I feel like she’s being bounced around too much and that’s clouding her having clear badguy motives.  Speaking of Bad Guys I think I’ve finally figured out why Zod sucks.  Aside from the writing, (which I thought was pretty good this ep.  Written by producer Anne Cofell Saunders who’s got writing credits for Chuck, 24, Eureka and 20 eps of BSG under her belt. Woo!)  I really think the problem is Callum Blue.  Not only does his name remind me of a dandruff shampoo, he just plain isn’t scary enough.  He’s too young and somewhere between too pretty and not pretty enough by Smallville’s standards.   Normally I give Smallville’s casting kudos but this one just doesn’t fit.  I almost wish it was Marsters again or could you imagine Mark Sheppard?  We’d be talking a whole different show.

smallville_9x14_persuasion_270I liked Clark’s progression.  I liked seeing him do some things a little out of the ordinary and really own the show.  Sometimes Smallville’s graphics can look lame but there were some amazing shots tonight – and I’m not talking about Durance’s dancing.  This sends another round of Kudos to Christopher Petry, considering this was his first shot at directing TV.  I’d say that man has a knack.  The ring of fire looked great, the Kandorian funeral was breathtaking and utilized one of Smallville’s greatest strengths – the musical montage.  It was great to see some old favourites like the Kent Farm and the Barn Loft.  I also loved the shot at the end while the towers burned.

Maybe I’m a sucker for the campy episodes – Red, Exploding baby, Lois the cage fighter and Sneeze being some of my favourite Episodes – but I really thought this was Smallville at what it does best.



~ by doublebitch on February 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “Smallville's Persuasion is Just How I Like it.”

  1. You seem to have blocked Warrior from your mind, because it’s been two weeks since Absolute Justice.

  2. clearly i have. Major fail

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