McG is full of McShit

I like the guy.  I really do.  I know without his help, we’d probably never see a lot of awesome stuff so I respect the guy.  That’s why I was kinda surprised when I tuned in to the following interview:

If you’re too lazy to watch the quick clip he basically goes on about how season 6 of Supernatural will happen, only if the fans want it.  Do we want more?  Probably but to say that the majority of fandom is in support of season 6 seems a little off to me.   This is from the 100th Episode party which happened only a few weeks ago, just before the announcement that it would be renewed.  Maybe there was just a lot of wine going around.

I’m not going to drag out all the reasons why this is or is not a good idea but I’d love a show of hands that if you had been asked, what would you say?



~ by doublebitch on February 25, 2010.

15 Responses to “McG is full of McShit”

  1. I don’t know. Season 5 has been weak to me, with only shining moments shining out from the heavy weight of their own mythology. More and more I find myself comparing it to s1 or s2 and longing for the good old days, so to speak, even though we can see the evolution of both Ackles and Padalecki as actors and how well they’ve turned out. I think s6 *could* be worth it, but it really depends on whether or not the two of them are still invested in the show, if the writers can step up their game, not in terms of the stakes of the show, but in terms of smart story telling. I want to have more fun, want to *feel* for the show more instead of being forced to swallow the pill of the inevitable motions tied to being the beginning and end of the Apocalypse.

    I suppose if I had to sum that up into one word – it’d be no. To let the show go out strong the way it was *meant* to, whether we wanted it to end that way or not. But I’m open to being surprised…

  2. I’m also a little torn. I would rather see a good show go out while it was still on top, rather than sink down into oblivion. But I don’t think Season 6 has been weak. Quite the contrary; I think that while the action might have gone down somewhat and the atmosphere is a lot darker, it’s only a logical conclusion to what the Winchester brothers have had to face in the years since Seasons 1 & 2. And the last couple of episodes were brilliant in their character development. I think it’s going to depend on the shows following the hiatus. The amount of mythology on the Apocalypse is big enough to sustain at least another season, if not (God forbid) two.

  3. They kill the devil.
    Die in the process.
    The Russian government clones them and they become part of the KGB, and fight Jack Bower.
    I would say another 5-6 seasons of material there.

  4. Last year, I would have said yes. This year, no. I’d rather see them end when on a high note than see them fizzling out.

  5. Yeah, I hear ya. I wonder if Season 6 would be a way for us to return to the feeling we used to have from the show. I’d be fully content watching some good ole’ brotherly road trip, killing bad things, introducing new creatures, stuff like that.

    So maybe season 6 will let us go back in a way, or maybe they’ll bring out a really lame plot device to ‘reset’ the show. I guess we wait and see right?

    I think I’m with a lot of people in making my vote a yes with a big heavy tinge of no. I will watch, I will love. I just hope they dont smush fandom in the process.

    Much like times before, when they’ve been laying the fan service on thick, sometimes I felt like they were a little off. As much as they understand their fandom, they also don’t.

  6. You’re right. There is SO MUCH riding on the rest of the season.

  7. They’ve really thrown in an entirely different vibe this season then they’d ever had before, I do hold hope and trust that they can do something like that again, but my mind is just not that creative. I can’t find it. And the worries me. I can’t really find ANYTHING that I think would be an acceptable answer for why Season 6 should happen other than “I really like this show”.

  8. Jack Bower and Jack Bristow

  9. Good question and like everyone else, I’m torn. I think some of the best episodes ever have come in the last two seasons and I really like the mytharc. Where they’ve faltered, I felt, was too many “funny” episodes in a row that ignored the main crux of the story. I actually think season 6 could be good in that the boys can go back to the season 1 and 2 dynamic, work their way back to that, learn to love and trust one another again. I’d like to see Dean without the weight of the world on his shoulders and see Sam start to believe in another life again and I don’t think there’s time for that in this season. So in that sense, it could really work. Just depends on how this ends and what the fallout is of course.

  10. The clean up? Should they beat Lucy and end the apocalypse, there’ll still be hell on earth with all the demons and other creatures roaming free. If anything, it should provide the boys more hunting than ever. They might even need to train new hunters to take up the slack.

    However it’s all in the writing. As Hugh Laurie said about House, “it’s not the what, it’s the how.”

  11. What about Jared and Jensen’s view that the Winchester Boys should go out swinging? Where does that leave that? I liked and agreed with that idea.

    If they beat Lucifer, which..would be pretty damn impressive and questionably believable, then who kills them? How can they go out in a better way than that?

  12. How happy would we be with adding new cast? Sometimes it works but in SPN we’ve had a really hard time finding and or keeping ‘other’ cast members.

  13. Surprise JDM appearance kills Lucifer, and the Boys live on to die against a lesser threat in season 6?

  14. I don’t see how the minority of online fans who have been whining since the beginning of season four (or earlier) that the show should end with that season suddenly became a majority of the overall audience. Why? Because they’ve turned up the volume since season six became official?

    I think that as long as the show gets good ratings for its network and gets them good press (and they can keep the two leads), it will continue. They’re not going to cancel or renew based on anecdotal evidence from posts on message boards by people who haven’t even seen the rest of season five, yet. That would be a pretty stupid thing to do.

    Myself, I’m quite happy to see the rest of season five play out and I’m all for a season six. Will I feel the same way a year from now? I have no idea. A lot depends on what happens on the show between now and then and that’s not set in stone.

  15. Sometimes they hit gold, sometimes they don’t. They just need to learn to keep the good ones and let go of the bad ones.

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