Melange du Five-O

The fact that they’re re-making Hawaii Five-O really does nothing for me but the casting is getting down right interesting.

jinalex3.0.0.0x0.432x585Title - Battlestar Galactica Daniel Dae Kim from Lost, Moonlight’s resident vamp Alex O’Loughlin and a frakn cylon, Grace Park.  The show was proposed by two fringe creators and a CSI:NY exec producer.  (By far my least favorite of all the CSI cities).   All this wrapped up in a pilot set to be directed by the guy who’s directorial experience is pretty much wrapped up in the 4th Die Hard movie.

I’m just confused.    Is it just me or is none of this fitting together?  It’s like yay! yay!  Huh?  What?

As long as they keep the theme song…



~ by doublebitch on February 26, 2010.

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