The Essence of Jack Bauer

Here’s a little something I got from last week’s 24. I’d been saving this for a Ness of the Week post, but then I decided it would work better as a post of its own, so… now it’s just über late, saying as the next episode will be airing tonight. Anyway!

jack security guardWhen I was posting about the seventh season, one of the things I loved was how a new twist or complication would arise, which you’d think would be the central plot for at least a couple episodes, and a half hour later they’ve dealt with it. It kept a breakneck pace by making it feel like these people were amazingly good at their jobs, as opposed to season six, where it felt like 89 different crazy plots were going off one after the other for no apparent reason. They’ve kept this style for Day 8, they’ve added to it with Legendary Bauer.

introductary chokeLast season, Jack was sidelined for a good portion with that whole ‘incurable nerve toxin inhalation’ thing. It was a cool new direction to take 24 in, and I loved it, but somehow now Jack’s back, happy, getting along with his daughter, and as a result more badass than ever.

From people being shocked when others don’t know who Jack Bauer is, to shrugging off a stab wound and a torturing, to convincing his enemies go give up with about 40 seconds of discussion, to the way takes out CTU security guards with zero effort, this season’s Bauer has been boiled down to his most pure, badass essence. He bursts into interrogation rooms and chokes lawyers he’s never met (above), then intimidates a guard with a drawn gun into crapping his pants (below). He tells people what to do, when he has no authority over them, and they almost always do it, because Jack Fucking Bauer just told them to.

jack vs security

You know when you’re watching a show, and you think of something really awesome that could happen, but know they won’t actually do it? At least three times so far, that thing has then happened this season on 24. For example; *terrorist’s partners turn against him* “Wouldn’t it be awesome if Farhad called CTU for help?” *five minutes later* “Hahawhat!?!?” This phenomenon amazes and delights me to no end, especially considering this is the eighth season. The reason I decided this post wouldn’t work as Ness of the Week? Because there were easily a half dozen amazing moments in this ep, and I really couldn’t pick just one that stands out.

Though that said, I do have to mention Jack showing that his Man Bag’s strap has specific positions that indicate ‘civilian’ and ‘action’ modes.



~ by Jerk on March 1, 2010.

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