He's like the Brando of Donkeys

295381Yesterday the minds and faces behind the USA network’s original series White Collar threw a party and everyone came. Okay that’s a lie, but over 12000 people showed up to watch Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay, the show’s leads answer some fan questions in a live ustream webcast in promotion of the first season finale airing next Tuesday.

This show has been a bit of a diamond in the rough and I’ve been meaning to write up a big post on why it’s happily ripping on the success of other such shows in similar situations but fact is, in my stacked TV watching schedule, there’s room for them all.

Despite it’s similarities to things like Castle or Leverage, White Collar puts on an entertaining show with lovable and interesting characters each week. I really disliked how they twisted the cliffhanger at the end of the first half of the season. If you’re going to make one of your characters evil, do it. Don’t just pretend and bend the trust that the audience has put into the characters and the show itself.

Because of this previous blunder, I’m slightly concerned for the final episode of the season. One thing they haven’t done, is set up the finale very well. Shows like say Leverage, Heroes and even Smallville are known for setting up their finales in a two part-er kind of way. I know that’s a to-each-his-own choice but the last episode of White Collar, while good, didn’t do a lot to lean us in the direction of Kate. The music box, yes, but not Kate, which is what both we and Neil want.

The webcast was totally worth a watch if not for the hints at next week’s finale and next season’s plans but to hear DeKay and Bomer harmonize on multiple occasions. Their commradery is even more infectious off screen. You can check out the webcast HERE

A couple other gems from the interviews were:

  • “Did you just say poets garret? You are AWESOME!”
  • “Parkour” “Parkouur” “PARKOUR” “PARKOUR!!”
  • Performed a song about the statue of liberty and full out broke into “Wayward Son” –  in harmony.
  • May or may not have given up the secret from the finale but it was so muddled and uninformed by the audience, it didn’t really make any sense but they did act like they’d said something they weren’t supposed to.
  • “I will back palm you, I will cup and ball you!” “Don’t cup and ball me”
  • “Did you take your medication yet?” “… I took.. the purple one” “but not the green one?”
  • “He’s like the Brando of Donkeys”



~ by doublebitch on March 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “He's like the Brando of Donkeys”

  1. I think the writers realized that the “Kate” thing is a mistake waiting to happen. They know that in the long run, having Neal searching for Kate is not going make for good story lines. Its just that they picked a poor long arc storyline. That’s why they had to scramble to come up with the music box angle and Alex.

  2. I think you’re right. And they did right by ending that line. I found it kinda boring and oddly used at the beginning, especially for a character we didn’t get enough back story on.

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