Best Ness of the Week: "I make good eggs!"

I really need to start writing down Ness of the Week possibilities as they happen, because I was trying to think of what stood out as awesome this week and I was coming up blank, to the point where I actually decided there wasn’t anything standout enough for a Ness post this week. A few hours after that, and bam! I remember Kevin Durand’s awesome cameo on this week’s Lost as the dead-in-the-main-timeline mercenary Martin Keamy.

keamy eggsI love that they’re using this Nuked Island Reality as a way to bring back pretty much everyone who’s been on the show over the years (we got Frogurt and Arnst in the premiere, so I’m not even sure who to hold out for now… Alex, I guess), and give us a glimpse of what their life would be like if there was no Island.

Having Keamy, season four’s resident psychotic badass as a half-intimidating, half-goofy crime boss/loan shark and one hell of a cook? That stands out as the best Dead Dude cameo so far! The fact that his underlings seem completely uninterested in his cooking made it even better. That, and having Jin in his fridge. A random bit of awesome in a big, big episode of the final season.



~ by Jerk on March 8, 2010.

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