Chuck vs The Beard rounds up and refreshes

brandon_routh_chuck_tv_guide2010I’ll let you in on a little J/DB secret:  We make lists.  Not just awesome lists like our favourite dead people on SPN or the best cartoon theme songs, but lists about what we’re inspired to write about.  Having just knocked off Chuck’s latest episode I’m drawn to the Chuck portion of the list which reads, and I quote:

“Lana didn’t suck”  and “I love Brandon Routh”

There you have it!


chuck_nbc_tv_show__5_Just kidding.  I’m not letting you off that easy but those are my two main points.  Lana, aka Kristen Kreuk did not suck as the adorable Hannah.  Even though I really expected her to be a spy in the end, and the fact that Chuck was a total douche and this arc was a little too obvious, I really did like her in this.  She was smart and quietly cute.  I honestly could have shipped that better than I could ship Chuck/Sarah.  I’m sure there’s a name for it.  Fankids let me know.

Lana’s exit also allowed the show to de-Lana-fy Chuck’s best buddy Morgan who had been suffering from the “you’re keeping secrets!” syndrome that killed Lana Lang in the hearts of about 3.5 million back then.   I think this puts a great spin on where the show will go from here.

That said, I also really liked Shaw/Sarah – Shawrah? ew.  Stop while we’re ahead.  But, I’m willing to blame that on the fact that Brandon Routh is pretty and funny and should be on my TV screen WAY more often.   I’m also warming up to Casey’s character much more this season than I have in the past.  He’s got an interesting back story going and in general is being less of a douche and more funny.

n45oJeffster is always welcome and I think kudos should go out to Levi for pulling of a really well paced episode with some cool shots in his TV directorial debut.  I loved the shout-outs to SDCC and Subway.

We’re left with so many great questions: Will Shaw get the send off he deserves?  Is Casey evil?  Will Morgan get kidnapped in ever episode from here on out?  Will Ellie and Awesome move to Africa?  What were Nathan Fillion and Mark Sheppard doing on their set over the last few weeks?

For real this time – DoubleBitch


~ by doublebitch on March 10, 2010.

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