ANTM Cycle 14 Premiere

AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODELI generally don’t watch reality tv save for those food shows that suck you in while you’re channel surfing but America’s Next Top Model has always been my major weakness (Not counting KidNation).   So clearly, I tuned in when it returned to air for it’s 14th cycle this week, Wednesdays on the CW.

I could be wrong on this but I was surprised to see the makeovers crammed into the first episode.  I could have swore this happened in later episodes in past seasons.  Maybe they’re trying to boost up the ratings for a show that’s perhaps becoming old hat.

I say that because honestly, I was more interested in a potential home design show about how the girls NYC apartment was made then what was going on on the show.   I think we’ve become oversaturated with shows like this and when the novelty of taking the cream of the crop eventually wears off when you’ve done it 14 times already.  Much like with Idol, you’ve gotta wonder just how much more hidden tallent the country could really have left.

The show is pulling on girls who have been through in previous cycles and the whole bit where each of them has had such a terrible life is just annoying now.  I fast-forwarded more parts than usual.  I think that’s because this episode was missing what I really watch the show for – The Photoshoots.  I find them really artistic and it’s interesting to see the behind the scenes of such amazing photography sometimes.

As for predictions, I think the bitch will be gone in a couple weeks, again.  She makes my skin crawl.  My top three pick of the week is the big blonde one with the huge eyebrows that looks like Liv Tyler.



~ by doublebitch on March 12, 2010.

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