And They Have A Plan

With this week’s episode, we’re at the halfway point in Lost’s final season. This feels like a good time to reflect on the season and the show as a whole, as well as toss in a little comparison to BSG.

First, a comment on this season’s format: Having the flashes be to an alternate non-island reality where everybody has (relatively) normal lives should be lame. It sounds pretty lame. But… it’s actually really awesome. Not just because they’re bringing back everyone (like Alex, in the episode from the week after I made this post), but because they’re giving us something of an unclouded view of the characters’ hearts and souls.

Second, on the series as a whole: it’s crazy how much this series has evolved. It began as a show about survival as we learned about the survivor’s pasts, with a good helping of mystery and the supernatural. Now it’s about a giant chess match between two…. gods? demigods? It’s a very different show now. Oh and also, I think the ‘previously on Lost’ recaps may be some of the most confusing things ever created, if one isn’t caught up on the show. Watch one of them and pretend it was the first thing you’d ever seen for Lost, you’ll see what I mean.

Now, the BSG comparison. Both shows had a crapton of mysteries to explain going into their final seasons. Battlestar decided to pretty much ignore them all until the very final episode, and then explain everything. With Lost, After this week’s episode we’ve got answers (or at least some good hints)to basically everything, and there are still nine episodes to go (the one major revelation still to come is the exact nature of the No Island flashes, and how it connects to Lost 616). At this point it’s really about how the story’s going to play out (two words: no idea).

With the way this season is going, Lindelof, Cuse and company have me confident that we’ll get a satisfying conclusion. On top of that, Lost is just edging out 30 Rock as my favourite show this season. Seems like a damn fine way to go out.



~ by Jerk on March 25, 2010.

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