On the Death of 24

Word came down this week that Day 8 would be 24’s last (at Fox at least, rumours still swirl about NBC trying to get themselves some Bauer) and honestly, I’m okay with that.

The fact that this show has managed to go eight seasons and still be incredibly kickass is pretty amazing. Sure season six wasn’t as good, but it wasn’t as good by 24 standards; it was still better than most drama on network TV. I’d much rather the show end as a badass action juggernaut than as an Alias season five.

But beyond that, there are even more reasons why I think this makes for a great final season: Jack began the season happily retired and having a good relationship with Kim and his granddaughter. He came back to CTU for one last mission, and agreed to stay in order to endure Renee avoids federal prosecution.

Now granted, there are still eleven hours left in the day and a hell of a lot can happen on 24 in that time, but right now it’s looking like this is the season where Jack has beaten all of his demons, found peace, rejoined his family, and he’ll get the girl. Sounds like a damn fine way for the series to go out to me.



~ by Jerk on March 28, 2010.

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