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So V finally returned this week, and while everyone’s talking about the countdown clock ABC stuck on Lost, I’d prefer to talk about the actual show (one reason being yay Canada because CTV had no such crappy graphic, and I was honestly confused as to what Lindelof was tweeting about).

First of all, never has an episode been in need of a ‘previously’ as much as this one. I remembered the whole ‘giant fleet in space’ bit, but the fact that the priest had been stabbed was something I’d completely forgotten. Secondly if this was intended to be a midseason premiere when it was crafted, wow they dropped the ball.

Very little actually happened in this episode, and what did was accompanied by some of the most awkward expositional dialogue I’ve heard. On top of this, the entire plot concerning the warrior-training terrorist was really, really bad. As was Preggers wanting to eat the conveniently-placed mouse. Some of this was veering dangerously close to ‘exploding baby’ territory.

I also need to mention the effects. The shots of the V ships in the sky look pretty good, but the green screening of the actors into the ship interiors are not done nearly as well. And you know what makes it worse? When you take your camera and spin it around like a crazy person, making it very obvious that yes, these two people are superimposed over a somewhat crappy CG room! A simple 2-shot would have gone a long way to mitigating the obviousness of the CG.

On the plus side, I’m quite happy with the string of genre actors who are popping up on the show. Not only did we get more screentime for Tory, but we got Rommie as a 5th Column scientist, and Nicholas Lea as Tyler’s dad (yes, that 1/3 second shot of him was enough for me to identify Victor Mansfield, I heart him). We already had Wash and soon we’ll get Anders, that’s a damn impressive (to me) list.

Overall it was a pretty weak episode, and certainly not worth mucking up the awesome that is Lost’s final season, but I’m still going to be watching next week.



~ by Jerk on April 1, 2010.

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