Best Ness of the Week – Shaw Shocked

While I think there’s been a lot of greatness and great ness on Chuck this season I’ve gotta hand it to the writers with this week’s big twist with Shaw and Sarah.  And I’m attributing this wow factor and best ness award to the writers for the way they worked this one.  They’ve been setting it up for weeks, winding the story into Chuck’s main line as well and finally threw it at us in a “you so should have seen this coming but we know you didn’t” kinda way.

I like that they used familiar characters and played on emotions that we felt were real and valid to make a real twist.  Unlike in say Alias when Vaughn isn’t Vaughn, at that point, you’re not so sure you care.  Here, this effectively sets up the exit of Shaw and facilitates the future of Chuck and Sarah’s relationship.  I also give this to the writers because I didn’t feel like it was really Routh’s acting that helped anything along. It didn’t hinder it but it wasn’t anything spectacular.

It should also be noted that adding Mark Sheppard to anything only ever helps.  It looks like a good placement for him in the show, again, one we should have expected.  I’m looking forward to seeing what he presents in the future.

My prediction?  Chuck will actually kill Shaw.

What do you think?  Did you see the twist coming?  How with Shaw leave the show and will it be for good?



~ by doublebitch on April 3, 2010.

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