*silent clock*

Okay, I sat on this post for a couple days because I didn’t want it to be too spoilery, and as I’m typing this I just remembered we have that ‘after the jump’ feature we used for our BSG posts. Oh well, I think taking the time to mull it over was good anyway.

At the end of the second of this week’s two hours of 24, President Hassan was assassinated and the video was posted on the Internet. I’ve found myself thinking about it several times this week, and I’ve realized that this was by far the most moving death 24 has ever had.

24 is by no means a stranger to shocking deaths of main characters, but never has one had such an ominous weight to it before. In the minutes leading up to Jack finding Hassan, it was tense. So much was riding on the successful rescue, and being Jack Bauer there was no question that he’d be able to take out every last terrorist before they had a chance to kill Hassan.

Unless they’d already done that before Jack even got to the building.

The choice to not have this happen right at the very end of the episode, but to instead have a few minutes following, showing everyone reacting to his death was excellent. Watching it sink in, that not only was an awesome character gone, but the only chance for peace in the Middle East just had his throat slit, that whatever it is that happens next is going to be very fucking bad, and then a silent clock to end the ep. This was expertly crafted television and one of 24’s finest moments.



~ by Jerk on April 9, 2010.

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