Smallville's Tess Mercer Suffers Temporary Blindness

tess mercer, smallville, Cassidy Freeman, lex luthor,We’ve  talked before about how unlucky Tess Mercer’s life has been.  I mean she’s really had a hard go with the abusive father and living in a shack without schooling and then getting stranded on that island with the always topless millionaire playboy Oliver Queen only to later take over a huge corporation, even though we’d never heard tell of her before…

All that considered, I’ve always thought of her as a tough bitch and a smart one at that.  She figured out Clark’s secret.  Something it took even Lionel and Lex years to do.  She’s sleepin with Zod and a member of a major spy-ish agency.  Tess Mercer is not dumb.  Why then are we expected to believe she never once guessed that Oliver Queen is Green Arrow?

Lois knows, hell, pretty much everybody knows.  He doesn’t hide it all that well.  Also, let’s not forget the fact that she dated him, loved him and spent all that time on that island with him where he taught himself to be a fricken sweet  I just don’t believe she was ever that stupid.

I don’t believe any of what she’s come up with, sort of like how I don’t believe that Olive and Chloe are all awesome about being together or not being together.  Somebody should have a problem with this.  Somebody other than me.

It’s kinda like a small town.  Eventually everybody ends up related because you run out of people.  Time + few people/characters = incest  – in a ..non-Supernatural kinda way.  Speaking of Ye Ole SPN, I see Smallville pulling a lot of trademark SPN moves in the past few years.  Like perhaps the network is pushing them to work their fandom in the same way, and it’s just not working.  For example, the fanservice which Smallville continuously falls on its face while doing.  On Supernatural, the fans at the convention help save the day and or hook up with the prophet Chuck.  On Smallville the fans pose in costumes with Lois and then are never really seen from again unless to be mocked for their forum love and shipping.  This week we saw them try to pull off the Heart to Heart that we see at the end of pretty much every ep of SPN.  It just falls flat the same way Lana did – and I’m not talking about her chest.

Linking all this back to Tess, the big “I’m so sorry, forgive me” theme of tonight’s episode “Checkmate” doesn’t work on me anymore and to be honest it’s starting to wear on me on SPN too.  It’s time somebody mans up and grabs their destiny by the balls.  I wanna see some saving that doesn’t include a hero in danger.



~ by doublebitch on April 10, 2010.

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