Glee Part 2

Glee Sue SylvesterIn recent ‘season’s’ we’ve seen an increasing number of shows splitting their seasons to either fill in the gaps that traditional seasons leave behind (ie summer and winter breaks)  or just to be able to air more episodes in a row and therefore, somehow garner a stronger audience when it is on and make them wait for months on end for the return.  As you can probably tell, I’m not a huge fan but I do see the benefits.  Large blocks at a time and something to watch when there’s nothing else on is always a welcome occurrence.

What I don’t like about it is how it allows shows to release their DVD’s in half season like Glee has which in the long run squeezes more money out of the viewers.   Glee is finally back with part two of season one, returning this week and they came in with a bang.  It was a good recap of where everything was and it also served to progress the plot into it’s clear second arc.  It really feels like a new season.  I guess to each it’s own.  I does work in this case but it’s not something I’d like to see happen with other shows.  It should be kept to a per need basis.

I almost felt like the ‘theme’ of the episode was too obvious.  “Saying hello again”  was just too easy and thrown in our faces through every storyline.  There’s an art to weaving sl’s without making it look like you’re doing it.  Chuck for example is amazing at this.  And maybe I’m alone on this but it felt like there were too many song and dance numbers in this episode.  Yes, we tune in for the music, for the kids performances but I think by now we’re invested enough into the story that they don’t need to have one in every scene.   I’d be able to tolerate these performances more if even one of them was even slightly believable as a live performance.  It’s hard to be impressed when it’s so obviously a protooled autotuned studio production.  Maybe I’m just a stickler for real talent.  I’m not saying the kids don’t have the voices and abilities, I’d just like to see them more often.

Jazz hands,


~ by doublebitch on April 14, 2010.

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