#SPN100 pre-game

Tonight the day has finally come, the 100th episode of our namesake show Supernatural and clearly we couldn’t let this go by without a bit of a ramble.  First things first, why is 100 episodes such a land mark?  It’s not a nice square number of episodes in the world of seasons.  It lands just a few episodes from the end of the fifth season.  Is it just a good number we feel comfortable dealing with?  It actually comes from syndication.  When a show reaches 100 eps, it then has enough to be aired five days a week for 20 weeks without a repeat.    I’m not sure if this is already happening but there are stations that air reruns at other points during the week.  This bodes well for the show’s longevity after it’s gone though.

I’m a little disappointed that it ended up being this week, which doesn’t have as much hype as some weeks.  There’s the return of Glee and the new Dr Who but otherwise, SPN’s big day kinda feels like it’s just sliding in half unnoticed.  The lead up in the show has been steady and good but I find myself tiring with the premise.  It’s time for the show to move on.  I know we’ve only got a few more weeks and I have no doubt they’ll blow my mind but I’m almost as ‘over it’ as Dean.  We’ve spent two years doing this lead up to the end and the past five years with Dean holding his righteousness over Sammy.  Maybe I’m letting my weakness for TeamSam show but I need to be wowed.   We’ll see if tonight brings the punch.

Tonight’s director, while I sorta expected Kripke is Philip Sgriccia who has a solid background of directing great episodes on this show, though I do think you’d be hard pressed to pick out 5 bad episodes in the entire series.  His past work includes Hollywood Babylon, The kids are alright, Jus in Bello and the beloved Ghostfacers ep.  And the writer Jeremy Carver gave us A Very Supernatural Christmas and Changing Channels.  So there’s no doubt this will be one for the books.  I’m really looking forward to some real character and plot progression tonight.



~ by doublebitch on April 15, 2010.

6 Responses to “#SPN100 pre-game”

  1. Ooh the same guy who directed Jus in Bello? Ok, that’s great news for me as that’s my favorite episode.

    (WTF is up with that picture of Jensen?)

  2. He’d folded his napkin into a cock, and seems quite pleased with it.

  3. there were some questions about the picture floating around. I’m really not sure where I got it from but here’s the whole thing. I believe it’s recent, maybe the Jus in Bello con in Rome? It’s got the trickster in the background.

  4. In what way has Dean been “holding his righteousness over Sammy”? The butthurt, geez. Your boy screwed up. If he were a man, he would’ve apologized for it a long time ago. The fact that it took him THIS LONG to even OBLIQUELY suggest that he might’ve been wrong for treating Dean like crap last year is just appalling.

    Someone’s self-righteous in their little crew, but it ain’t Dean. You know how long it takes Dean to apologize when he does something wrong? About half an episode. He’s CONSTANTLY apologizing to your boy for one thing or another, and you’re seriously whining about him holding things over Sam’s head? Sam screwed him over, bad. And Sam should suck it up and stop crying about how people are so omg ~bossy~ and ~stopping him from growing up~. Most people grow up on their OWN, Sam. Glad you finally looked into it, but maybe you should feel like a bit of a tool for pretending that your immaturity was anyone’s fault but your own.

  5. Hm…I haven’t watched the show in a while, but I’m looking forward to the finale. I’m a little worried about the director (Jus In Bello was excellent, my favourite episode) but Ghostfacers is one of the worst episodes of TV I have ever seen. I couldn’t even make it to the end…or the middle.

  6. aww, ghostfacers really scared me. I was very worried that it was going to be bad but by the end I thought it was amazing tv. Maybe I’m a geek but I was thrilled with that episode and love seeing them back. Maybe you should give the show and the facers another shot.

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