Best Ness of the Week: Hit and Run

Okay, a couple of days have passed so this can be not completely spoilery. So at the end of this week’s Lost, did Alternate Reality Desmond run over Locke as revenge for Smoke Locke tossing Normal Reality Desmond down a well? Did Normal Reality Desmond die? Did Alternate Reality Desmond just have a bad feeling about Locke, or did he actually remember what had happened to him? Maybe getting chucked down a well was some sort of catalyst that set off Desmond’s weird consciousness-jump powers just instead of going through time, this time he went through realities?

Lost has been doing an admirable job of tying up loose ends during the final season, but damned if they can’t unravel some new ones to keep things interesting! Pulling off a Best Ness in this week *cough*OMG24*cough* is proof that the series is going out in top form.


P.S. while on the subject of alternate realities/Des being awesome, here’s the opening credits to the 1967 version of Lost!


~ by Jerk on April 16, 2010.

One Response to “Best Ness of the Week: Hit and Run”

  1. He looks like a mix of Tim Hutton and Chuck

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