A Justified Round-Up

Last night, as I was gazing deeply at the cut of Timothy Olyphant’s hips I realized that after I wiped up the drool, I should probably post about this fantastic show.

You don’t need me to wax on about how great it is, pretty much everyone who’s anyone in the TV commentary/bitchery business has already been singing it’s praises.  Probably because I’m a whole six episodes late in warning you you’re about to miss another great show if you don’t get it on your watch list soon.Justified, Timothy Olyphant

The thing that really strikes me about this show is what it is and more so what it isn’t.  I think a lot of fans were drawn to this because, at first, it brought back images of Deadwood, with Timothy Olyphant playing another man of the law with a slightly southern accent – something he does deliciously well.  But what we found and are continuing to find as the show progresses, is a character who has two differences for every similarity to Seth Bullock.

I adore seeing Olyphant in this much more relaxed role.  Seeing Bullock show his sense of humor was a rare delight on Deadwood but Raylan Givens is full of one-liners and finesse.  He talks a bad guy out of their tree in seconds by telling stories about his childhood and always shoots to kill.  These killings take on the first and maybe overall arc of the show on top of his divorce, new girlfriend, a hate of his father and the love of a cowboy hat.  You have to wonder if the hat bit was always written in or if they just had to because Olyphant looks so damn badass in it.

As the show’s progressed through the first few episodes it’s established a steady mix between episodic…episodes and storylines that reach back into established material.  It’s also found it’s place nestled between his romantic interests, work mysteries and personal demons making it a great show to watch with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Take some time, check it out.  It’s well worth appointment television status.



~ by doublebitch on April 21, 2010.

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