Random Question #11

And now, a bit of a HIMYM rant disguised as a question! So as the weeks slip by without any mention whatsoever of the elusive Mother (for those keeping track, the last time that storyline got any exercise was in the 100th episode, which was currently 8 eps ago), I’ve been talking with several people about this. Some come down on the side that actually introducing her will be HIMYM’s final episode, others (myself included) think that there are years worth of stories that can take place after adding the Mother to the cast, and a more reasonable end point for the show would be Ted’s wedding.

It seems to me like there’s a lot that can happen between Ted meeting her and the wedding: they can date, then break up, then get back together. Hell, Marshall and Lily did that before getting married! I just wish the standard “This moment was key to me meeting your mother!” *nothing for 5 months* “Look the umbrella! Eh? Eh?!?!” *nothing for 5 months* would come to an end. We’re in the fifth season. Ted and Robin played out. Ted and Stella played out. Ted being whiny about being single is still annoying. Introducing the Mother (the actual Mother, not just her ankle and Unicorns CD) would be a good move to keep the show fresh, as well as progressing the overarching plot.

So, what do you think? Will HIMYM end with the introduction of the fabled Mother, or can it go on for years afterwards?



~ by Jerk on April 22, 2010.

5 Responses to “Random Question #11”

  1. Yeah, I think the show could go on but they would really have to take to task about changing the format of the show a bit. Honestly to me, aside from those things and the whole name of the show, I don’t really feel like that’s what the show is about. If I were explaining it to someone, I’m not sure I’d say that first or even at all.

  2. True, but if they aren’t planning on doing it anytime soon, the ‘this next bit is very very important RE: Mother’ episodes should end. It isn’t a storyline we need to be reminded about, it’s in the title.

  3. if they did entire seasons without even so much as mentionong the irony of the mother being at the same party or living with teds flavor of the week it would just be 3 guys 2 girls and a bar. The mystery keeps people guessing. the development of theories are what fuels the massive fanbase. as a die hard HIMYM fan, I’d watch just to see the antics of the gang, but friends has been done. it adds an element that brings in viewerswho think they can figure it out.. they keep watching for the clues. I’d love to see the show go on past the mother, but I think viewership would drop drasticly and therefore it likely wont happen, or if it does, it wont go well.

  4. What clues though? The mother is quite clearly not anyone we’ve ever met on the show at any point ever, but some random girl who goes to the school Ted teaches at. And we never even see him teaching anymore, which means there’s zero room for any new info to be added about her.

    Before they told us this stuff about her it could have been almost anyone, and was looking like Stella was a good bet. But for this whole season, we’ve had a good idea who it was, and except for the Rachel Bilson possibility, this season has had no mother mystery to it. At this point it’s just biding time more than being surreptitious.

  5. u know, love HIMYM very much.and of coz all we wanted is to finally see the real mother.but then when ted found ‘the one’, it will be sad becoz we know that the show is ending soon.. therefore i would love ur opinion, jerk..mybe they can make a long story after ted found the one, or maybe add her as the 6th member of the group. becoz, if u want 2 make ted as family, u must make his friends as your family too right..its goin 2 be legendary..haha

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