Best Ness of the Week: Bitch Hunter

30 Rock has so many wonderful and random things packed into every episode that it’s rare for one to stand out above the rest, to be worthy of emblogening. This week saw the show back on the air with two eps after being off for quite a while, and gave me my single favourite moment of TV from the week in the form of a quick montage of Will Ferrell starring in NBC’s Bitch Hunter.

For those that missed the ep, it’s a quick flashback to a show NBC received flak for, in which the main character hunts down women and kills them with a shotgun. The public outcry against Bitch Hunter was the reason TGS was greenlit.

The scene of Ferrell charging into a women’s washroom yelling “Happy birthday bitches!” was good, but it was the amazing, bad-90s-greenscreen title card that really got me. Perfect and brilliant, random and insane and yet actually gave a bit of info to fill in the mythos (I think that’s the first time I’ve used that word in reference to a sitcom).



~ by Jerk on April 26, 2010.

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