Cougar Town – now with less cougar

As the wise Buffy Summers once sang “Where do we go from here?”  Last night’s Cougar Town did the big TV no-no and turned ships to reality when Grayson and Jules finally kissed.

Can we pause for a moment and admire the character name “Grayson Ellis”?  Beautiful.  Almost as good as Raylan Givens.

It leaves me wondering where the show will go.  I trust that such a funny ensemble and a great writing team will have lots of funny things in store for the pair but now that they’ve “gone there” they can’t really go back on one of the things that was really a driving force behind the show.  The placement of this storyline and the fact that it happened at all really seems like the act of people scorned by being cancelled after one season.  I really expected this storyline to be held off for a long time before it actually happened.  It was decently paced but really could have been put off a little longer.

They’re making some big changes, like Travis getting ready to go off to college and Laurie keeping her boyfriend around but we need to remember there are still 4 episodes in the super long 24 episode season.  I think they’ve done a really good job of telling a story while pulling together a great ensemble cast that hasn’t been seen in the half hour since.. well forgive me but Friends.

The title may have become less relevant as she’s given up the chase of younger men for things better suited for her but the characters are on a journey to being better people and I like that.   The title was really one of the turnoffs when the show first started airing but I’m glad I tuned in.   Also Yay Grayson/Jules!



~ by doublebitch on April 29, 2010.

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