3 Things Smallville Could Do to SAAAVVVE Itself (but probably won't)

This week’s Smallville was down right bad.  I don’t want to blame that on co-writer Green Arrow, Justin Hartley who didn’t even manage to write himself into a shirt for an entire episode.  I really don’t think any one person is to blame for the downfalls in Metropolis right now.  Thankfully, we are geniuses and know the answer to everything.  So here are the 3 changes the Smallville crew could make to really bring things around.

1) MOAR LOIS! – Ever since she joined the show in season 4, Erica Durance has been a reoccurring character and not a series regular.  Over the past season we’ve seen her show up more and more. She’s also stopped disappearing for long periods at a time but we still get episodes like this week, where she is conveniently out of town or.. sleeping or washing her hair for a couple days.

I truly believe that the show is riding on the coat tails of how amazing Lois and Clark are.  There’s chemistry that we suffered without for years while people waxed on about how Lana and Clark had it when they didn’t.  Not even close.  Lois and Clark are adult, they’re playful and slightly realistic, as realistic as they can be and maybe I’m just a shipper but I love every minute of it.  More Lois is essential.

2) No more Chloe. I’m sad to say it, because for years she was one of the true redeeming factors on the show but ever since Jimmy died, hell ever since he came around, our girl Chlo just hasn’t been herself.  I’m not saying the character doesn’t have the right to be a little messed up, but sometimes they get to a point of no return.   The Watchtower story has been interesting but I was really looking forward to seeing Mack move on to other things.  This said there are reports that she has signed on for season 10.

3) Kill/Banish/Get rid of General Zod – Failing that why not just put him in someone else`s body.  Pull a reverse Ruby and get rid of the bad actor for a better one.  Though, I don`t think that Mr Bleu is a bad actor, he`s just not the right man for the job.  British, lispy and slight just doesn`t cut it for me with such a supposedly strong character.  I liked some of the back story Zod`s presence has allowed us to get into but week after week, he leaves me underwhelmed and the story bores me between awesome Lois and Clark scenes.

With these few changes I could see a bright future for season 10, it’s coming whether we want it to or not.



~ by doublebitch on May 5, 2010.

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