When Did Jack Get Awesome?

So a lot happened in this week’s Lost, there was no way I was letting this one go without writing up some ness. When all was said and done, the thing that stood out the most was how awesome Jack was, and it got me thinking.

For five whole seasons, I’ve hated Jack. He may be the main character, but he’s always been my least favourite as well. But ever since his epiphany in Jacob’s lighthouse… he’s been awesome. His acceptance of fate, his belief in Jacob’s plan, his insane don’t-take-cover-just-shoot plan like his last name was Bauer (too bad he can’t actually aim, huh?), Jack is finally, finally, the hero of the show.

It was a long arc that brought him to this point, but that makes it even more satisfying. After screwing up again and again as the ‘leader’ of the group, it seemed like Jack would never grow to truly deserve the trust everyone put in him (too bad that Sawyer didn’t trust him this ep, huh?) but it finally happened.

It should be interesting rewatching the series a few years from now, to see how I feel about Jack throughout the series knowing where he’ll end up. Pretty impressive that all of the Lost characters, regardless of how much I’ve liked them, have been integral to the story. Well, if they lived long enough to be, at least.

Now to wait for the epic Jack/Ben/Desmond team-up!



~ by Jerk on May 6, 2010.

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