A Quick Word on the Death of Heroes

I’ve seen lots of stuff about how NBC was mulling over the idea of a shortened fifth season or a miniseries to wrap the show up, and how even now the possibility of a TV movie or special, while unlikely, hasn’t been completely ruled out. Now since the end of the first season, has there ever been a single time with Heroes where it felt like the entire show was building toward something? That there was a need for an extra bit to wrap things up, à la Farscape? Hell in the third season they could barely keep continuity straight for a single episode.

As a (at one point) huge fan of the show, I would like to see a few eps more, made after they knew this would be the end, just to see what they’d come up with. But I certainly don’t expect some sort of wrap-up that ties everything together. There have been so many characters with flip-flopping personalities, so many retcons, and so many dropped storylines that it would be impossible. Hell at this point I don’t even know what they’d be ending, the show doesn’t have a backbone to it, just origins and then…. euugh.

Still, I guess I’m kinda sad to see it go? Okay no I’m not, I’m still just happy that Chuck’s coming back.



~ by Jerk on May 15, 2010.

One Response to “A Quick Word on the Death of Heroes”

  1. SB!!!! This is exactly what I was going to talk about. The cancellation was not surprising but the whole extra eps thing was a terrible idea. Not only was it not going to ever happen, but there’s no one way to wrap this shit up. The final ep, which I feel like I should go back and re-watch, gave us the loop back to the beginning and I guess with that we should be satisfied.

    I did love it, but like you Chuck had really taken over the night for me anyway.

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