So I’ve been thinking about this week’s ep of How I Met Your Mother, in which Tony wrote a movie based on him losing and winning back Stella from Ted, with Ted cast as the bad guy. The logic being that from his perspective, Ted was the bad guy.

But this is the same Tony who when Ted was fired tried to get him another job. Sure, at first it was a job building a murder house for a creepy psycho, but afterward he got Ted the teaching spot he’s still got (does he? It hasn’t really come up in several months), really going out of his way to help Ted land on his feet. He was really kind to Ted at the end of last season, and that’s really not something that gels with guy who wrote the onscreen depiction of Ted in The Wedding Bride.

Now you could argue that Tony just used his personal experience for the backbone of the film, but all the little touches (like the red cowboy boots) and all the actual events from Ted and Stella’s relationship that, skewed though they may have been, did end up in the film… they all point to Tony seriously harbouring a grudge against Ted. Clearly, Late-Season-4 Tony and Late-Season-5 Tony are not the same guy.



~ by Jerk on May 19, 2010.

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