Party Down Again

Tomorrow night we hit the midway point in the second season of Party Down (with an ep that has the best title to date, “Steve Guttenberg’s Birthday”), so clearly it was time we got off our asses and talked about this show again.

First of all, Lydia is okay, but she’s sure no Constance. One thing her inclusion has done is shaken up the parings a bit. Constance used to mainly hang out with Kyle, who now gets most of his scenes with Roman. I really like Roman and Kyle’s relationship much more this season because of this. Same goes for Ron and Henry this time around. Having Henry as the boss really changes the dynamic, they seem more like people who’ve been friends for a long time now.

Overall I’d say that I haven’t found this season quite as funny as the last, but a) that’s tough act to follow, and b) they’re still hitting the mix of awkward embarrassment, disdain and comedy that worked before, it’s just not as uproariously hilarious. One thing is the show does seem pretty unlikely to return for a third season, saying as Ryan Hansen’s pilot got picked up, and Adam Scott’s joined the cast of Parks and Recreation. Scott’s even said that contractually he’d only be able to appear in three episodes of Party Down next year, and I honestly don’t see the show working without him as the main character. It’s a job that would see a high turnover rate, so anyone else I’d be okay with losing, for a while or permanently, but not Henry.

But for while it lasts, it’s still far better than most of the sitcoms on TV right now. And that music is like crack, you just need to hear it every so often.



~ by Jerk on May 20, 2010.

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