Jet Trails in the Sky

I had intended to hold off on posting about the Lost finale, instead doing a comparison between the 24 and Lost finales (which will still be coming!). I felt a Lost post wasn’t necessary because everyone else ever was already doing that, but I’ve found myself thinking about the show a lot since I watched it, enough that I felt I had stuff I needed to say, so here we are!

First of all, I was pretty blown away by the finale. Not quite Battlestar-level awesome, but close. So many brilliant character moments (I don’t know how the hell they did it, but I was really happy to see Maggie Grace back, when I hated her character, and never really bought Shannon and Sayid as a couple), all leading to (I’ve read) the exact ending scene that had been planned since the series began. It was a truly beautiful finale.

Now to address the naysayers. From what I’ve seen most of them fall into two groups, those left wanting and those confused. Those left wanting are the people who still maintain that most of the mysteries weren’t explained. Now first of all, you don’t want all the mysteries explained, you want the important ones explained. If you put every single little detail right there on the screen, it takes the fun out of fandom, and almost always leaves most people disappointed (I call this the Midichlorian Factor). Secondly, they did a pretty good job of giving us answers. Off the top of my head, the biggest question I would have liked to see answered was ‘why does Walt have psychic powers?’ but actually after Hurley and Miles showed mental abilities to be pretty common in the Lostverse… huh. Yeah no I guess I”m okay with that one too, there were no questions I was left really wanting answered. I think what a lot of people had problems with was that the writers just showed us the answers, as opposed to beating us over the head with them like most shows would.

Now, the people who were confused seem to have gone the other way. They seem to have read too many twists into the story. I’ve seen all sorts of posts about how the Island wasn’t real, or confusion over when the Alternate reality stuff takes place, but really it was all laid out quite nicely. They didn’t go for any kind of twist ending at all with Lost. In fact, there was only one revelation that came in the entire finale, other than the nature of the alternate reality it was just a matter of letting the story play itself out, and even that one revelation came pretty early (when Jin and Sun flashed, and remembered their own deaths).

Honestly, I’ve been doing some googling to see what people thought of the Lost finale, and I’ve yet to find any major complaints not rooted in opinion that actually hold up. Lindelof and Cuse expertly crafted this finale, and Lost deserves to be remembered as one of the best shows of all time.



~ by Jerk on May 25, 2010.

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