The End of an Era: 24 and Lost

So two of my favourite shows both had their swan songs this week, and I thought I’d do a little comparison of these two finales.

Internet Buzz: Well Lost is clearly the winner here. My Twitter feed was jam full of people talking about Lost, posting links to articles, and extolling/bitching about the finale. There was some 24 talk, but far less of it.

Quality of Finale: I’d say Lost wins again, but then for them this was the wrap-up to the entire series, plot-wise. For 24, while it did end the series, it was just wrapping up 24 episodes worth of story, and not 114.

Quality of Final Season: Aah, now this is an interesting one! Early on I would have said Lost, but episodes 816-824 were quite possibly my favourite run in 24 history, rivaling even the tail end of Day 3. I’d honestly say this one is even, both were equally great seasons.

Most Deaths: This also goes to Lost, shockingly. And depending on how you want to think about it, Lost won this one by a mile.

Best Jack: Shephard did finally become a great character this season, but like there was any way this wasn’t going to Bauer.

Best Ending Gimmick: By this I mean changes to indicate the ending of the series. In Lost, we had the silent title card at the very end. On 24, the final clock counted down to zero, and they also added the ‘events occur in real time’ line back to the openings, something usually reserved for season premieres. Anyway, 24 wins this one too.

Conclusion: People seemed far more interested in the Lost finale, but both were damn fine endings to damn fine shows.  Both were compelling right to the end.



~ by Jerk on May 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “The End of an Era: 24 and Lost”

  1. The 24 finale was under appreciated, which makes me sad. This was actually a really interesting season and I really love how they ended it – almost as if it were any other season (seeing as Jack has left the country before and returned).

  2. It was really good! I’d say it doesn’t quite top season 7, but rivals season 5 for the #2 spot. It had a good combination of the ‘terrorism gives way to politics’ from season two, the ‘major world events are happening’ vibe from season five, and the ‘a world power wants Jack dead’ ending from season four.

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