Dood! That's Blossom!

Last week I was a little bit focused on Lost and 24, and the rewatching of both those finales. I’ve been working on catching up though, and this past weekend I finally got around to the Big Bang Theory season finale. I have something of a love/hate relationship with BBT, in that I hate it but want to love it. Okay, hate is too strong a word, but for something with so much nerdy potential, I find it keeps going for the broader, more mass-appeal laughs instead of, you know, being genuinely funny. Basically, I think BBT keeps Lenoing.

That said, the show is slowly moving in the right direction. Early on almost every plot was ‘Sheldon annoys the others’ but for all of season three, Sheldon has been hands-down the best character on the show. I’m not just saying that because I identify with him the most, he really is. So the fact that in the season finale they gave him a girlfriend is pretty awesome. And the fact that it’s friggin’ Blossom is just… double awesome! I may have watched a lot of Blossom as a kid, FYI. I really hope that a) she has a recurring role next season, b) she’s used well, and c) she doesn’t just disappear like other girlfriends have *cough*BernadetteandStephanie*cough*

BBT does keep frustrating me, but with things like Evil Wil Wheaton and Blossom, I still can’t bring myself to let it go (and trust me, there was a point in the middle of the season where I was very close). So, congratulations I guess, and I’ll be tuning back in for the fourth season.



~ by Jerk on May 31, 2010.

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