Undercovers Script Leaked

Yesterday an Italian website leaked the first 20 pages of the script to the new JJ Abrams show “Undercovers” and the WB people quickly snapped that up and made them take it down. If you’d like proof of that in another language you can check it here

Lucky for you JDB readers, I took a couple screen shots before they did so.  Honestly, I didn’t even get all the way through the 20 pages.  I gave up around 5 but you do get a good sense of what it will look like.  It’s basically a chase scene that I didn’t get to the end of but we’re up for an action packed intro to say the least.

The script makes it clear that the show is going to use a fast paced style with choppy cuts from scene to scene.  The next highlight in the script had to be during a mad action scene.   This may be my most favorite non duologue part of a script ever.  It actually makes me want to see inside more shows.  It’s another extension (that we don’t often get) to see the writer’s influence on the tone of the show.

Another thing that brought this show into media attention this week was the rumor that there are talks to bring back Alias.  With a lot of new spy shows on the market for next season, I can’t see this being even slightly a good idea.  Not to mention, this show, in plot is pretty much what Alias became a few seasons in.   This will be a new JJ spy show and I really can’t see him wanting to be involved in this type of venture.  Not to mention there’s no way in hell they’ll get even a fraction of the cast back, which would make the show Alias: The New Class and we can all picture how bad that would be.  I’m calling this myth busted.



~ by doublebitch on June 2, 2010.

3 Responses to “Undercovers Script Leaked”

  1. I don’t think they want any of the old Alias cast back, this would be a completely new take, like the new BSG, except for a show that ended like five years ago. They also said there wouldn’t be anything like the Rambaldi mythology in the new version, which sucks because that was my favourite part of Alias.

  2. I disliked the Rambaldi shit from the beginning but i also think a reboot in this climate is a terrible idea. Unless they decided to go like CSI and just picked another city.. but then they wouldnt have Victor Garber or Grunny.. yeah, no. I just can’t do it.

  3. But Rambaldi was what made it more than just a generic spy show with awesome supporting characters and a really whiny main one.

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