New Look, Same Great Taste

It took a little while, but I’d say that both of the previous episodes of Party Down (‘Steve Guttenberg’s Birthday’ and ‘Not on Your Wife Opening Night’) were just as excellent as any ep from the first season. There are certainly differences, because of cast changes and the evolution of the characters, the group dynamic is completely different this season, but I think I actually like it more. For one thing, it feels like they’ve figured out how to give every character a chance to shine in every episode this season, which is really fun to see.

I think one of the things that I’ve really liked with these last two eps is how the Party Down gang have actually been interacting with the hosts on a much more level playing field than they normally do. Hell, except for Ron choosing to work Steve Guttenberg’s party, they were all guests that time! Seeing more people talking to them as just people, and not employees is really refreshing. Also, Steve Guttenberg is now one of the coolest guys ever.

I still don’t think the show will really work without Henry as the backbone, but the other characters have had enough chance to shine recently that I’m not as apprehensive toward the idea of a third season as I used to be. Oh and has anyone picked up the Season One DVD yet? I want to know what kinds of special features are on it, not that I won’t buy it regardless.

Episode 207, tomorrow night on STARZ!



~ by Jerk on June 3, 2010.

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