Well Known Faces Grace Happy Town Disaster

I watched Happy Town.   I have a strong urge to leave the post at that, mostly because I’m not sure what else to say.  I hadn’t heard about what Happy Town was supposed to be.  I still don’t think I know after screening the pilot, you know.. a few weeks after they pretty much gave the show the axe.

I don’t always trust a network’s judgment when they cancel a show early in it’s life so I felt like I needed to give it a shot myself.  I.. can pretty much see why this didn’t work out already.  It plays out like a cheap horror movie that you rented because it had a couple people you like in it.  Except that probably wouldn’t even happen because despite having a visually stacked cast, they’re mostly people you probably don’t remember their names from the other things you know them from.

For example we’ve got Abraham Benrubi who you’ll know as the giant guy behind the desk for 15 years on ER.  Or M.C. Gainey (what a killer name!) as the town sheriff.  He’s currently on Justified as Bo Crowder and formerly Tom Friendly from Lost.  Amy Acker is probably the most nameable actress, in my world at least from her long stint as Fred on Angel.   Sam Neill as Mr Grieves is best known as the guy from Jurassic Park and Steven Weber will always be the guy with the hair from Wings to me.  You’ll be happy to know he still has the hair.

The show plays out like an episode of Goosebumps or Erie Indiana.  Maybe that nostalgic flavour was something they thought would work for them but naming the mysterious bad guy “The Magic Man”  just doesn’t make me want to know what’s wrong with these people.  It’s a crazy, mixed up, small town America with a spooky, maybe supernatural secret and I’m not that surprised nobody cared.


P.S. one incredible quote almost saved the episode but it just wasn’t enough.  “If you touch the baby Jesus, I will make you wear the cow suit” – Sheriff Griffin Conroy


~ by doublebitch on June 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “Well Known Faces Grace Happy Town Disaster”

  1. Amy Acker should be known by everyone. Seriously, she was beautifully subtle on Dollhouse. Confident as frack on Alias. Excellent on Angel, especially when she got a little blue during season five. Heck, she gave a great performance on a terrible episode of Private Practice (seriously, Kate Walsh deserves Grey’s season two material, not the trash she is being given on PP).

  2. Amy Acker was also very naked in season one SPN.

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