Glee Rebounds for the Finale

I was kinda hoping to write this about how disappointed I’d become with the ‘word of the day’ type episodes that Glee has been pushing out for the past half season.  I’ve been waiting for Peewee Herman to jump out of a locker with confetti screaming every time someone says something like “Hello”  or “Funk”.    But they pulled out all the strings for the finale and delivered a solid episode that was decently paced, packed with hits and just the right amount of tugging on our heartstrings.  There were a few story lines I’d like to forget, (quasi-homophobic Finn, his slutty mom and Rachel’s soap opera relationship with Idina Menzel) but the evening focused on what we always loved about the show, a group of misfit kids who happen to be pretty good at singing and dancing.

So the question remains, should we be happy that Mr Shu and the crew regained their previous glory, reminding us of what makes Glee so damn watchable or should we be upset that they seriously lost their way in the middle?  I think the answer to that question will be found in what we see next season and how over saturated we manage to get in the meantime with albums and tours and a whole new merch initiative out just in time for back to school.

I think the show has a real shot at getting back on the bandwagon because let’s face it, great plot, terrible plot, we’re still going to get shivers when they cover our favorite songs. When big mouths on bumbling bodies sing exactly what they’re feeling.  Glee transcends the medium to give audiences a little touch of that magic of performing, when you feel like part of the whole and like they reminded us, part of something great.   And maybe it reminds us of that perfect image of high school that none of us really lived but somehow superimposed on our own experiences.  Like that time after the musical when you got drunk and cuddled up with the super scary new girl that you now run into in Walmart with her three kids and husband with four teeth.  So, maybe that happened but what you remember is the songs you sang and how bright the lights shone in your eyes.

Glee’s still got a lot to give and a lot of people cheering in their corner. Now it’s up to the powers that be to keep things on the right track.



~ by doublebitch on June 10, 2010.

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