True Blood Returns Continues

This week’s episode of True Blood was good (not one of their best, certainly not one of their worst, just in the middle somewhere), but one thing really struck me: nothing about this episode said ‘season premiere’ to me. This could have been the fourteenth episode of season two, it just continued all of the storylines that were already going on. Sure, the werewolves are a new addition, but holding them back until the end of the ep for a cliffhanger meant that the one new aspect wasn’t actually there for the premiere.

Were there things I liked? Sure, I think having Hoyt and Jason living together is a great idea, Jason and Andy’s scenes were great, and Jessica has easily become one of my favourite characters on the show (damn you Internets, not letting us Canadians watch her vlogs!). On the less-liked side I’m not sure I care about Sam’s blood relatives at all (although the gay dream was great), and it looks like they still don’t have any idea what the hell to do with Tara when she’s not palling around with Sookie.

Maybe this is another reason why this didn’t feel like the season premiere, the characters whose stories I liked last season I still like, and those I had problems with don’t seem to have been addressed. I’m really hoping that this season finds its voice soon, as it is it just feels like season two point five.

Of course, I remember it wasn’t until the second episode that I really started to feel the second season, so we’ll see how I feel about TB s3 on Monday.



~ by Jerk on June 16, 2010.

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