Royal Pains Complications

Hank, Royal Pains, Season 2, USA networkOne of my summer staples has returned!  Royal Pains was never fantastic television but it was some nice light summer entertainment that kept me hooked for 42 minutes each week.  It’s a good blend of the glamorous life, medical drama and gossipy comedy – guilty pleasures all around.

In the first few episodes they’ve gone forward with a storyline I’d forgotten they’d started last season.  The boys are reunited with their estranged father.  One is happy to see him, the other, not so much.  In honour of Father’s Day, I’d like to see a few more decent father’s on tv.  I know it’s an easy way to eff up your characters but I find the characters on tv with great fathers are much more interesting.

I think Royal Pains could take a page out of the House handbook and focus more on finding random interesting patients, continuing Hank’s MacGyver med skills and laying heavier on the characters relationships with each other as opposed to bringing in extra family members.

The best part of the show continues to be Hank’s younger brother and CFO of HankMed, Evan.  He’s the comic relief and the heart of the show.  He’s a bit of a Chuck character, without the awesome kung-fu skills or the double life as a spy.

Perhaps a K.I.S.S approach would help them straighten things out a bit.  I get it’s a USA Network show but I think it’d be best kept a little more fluffy because the minute a show like this starts taking themselves seriously is when they really become the joke.



~ by doublebitch on June 20, 2010.

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