Leverage Double Header Continues

leverage, parker, season 3Last Sunday night saw the return of one of our favourite shows.  I’m still tempted to call it new despite this being the third season.  Maybe it’s the short seasons or maybe it’s how the writers, producers, crew and actors keep us all constantly in the loop with twitter and fan events but what I really think keeps this caper feeling new is that the show is constantly fresh.  It feels like going for drinks with old friends, nothings really changed.

The fact that the show picked up not too long from where it left off helped too.  We were brought right back into things, the team was ready to go and even though their relationships to each other have progressed, they’re still the same characters that we love.   I’ve heard Rogers talk about how a character can’t come out the other end of a season the same as they started it and they haven’t but I do feel like the things that make us love those characters, their superpowers if you will are still intact and have so much more to offer.

I don’t like to speak ill of one of my favourite shows but I really wasn’t that into the double header.  The season opener episode left us wondering a lot of things.  Did the kid ever get out of jail?  What exactly is going on with this uber boss and what exactly have they all signed up for?   When the second episode didn’t address any of these questions at all it felt a little disjointed.

I’m the kind of person who likes to save the best for last, and for that reason only I’d much rather have the Leverage season stretch out over more of my year than get almost half the run in the first two weeks of airing.

What I’m saying is I want more.  Bigger order for season 4 please TNT!


P.S. Next week looks amazing.  Check out the teaser in the comments.


~ by doublebitch on June 24, 2010.

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