Good News Everyone! Futurama is Back!

Just shy of seven years after the final episode of the fifth season aired, Futurama is back on TV! But I have to say, after watching the first two episodes of the sixth season I felt kinda ‘meh’ about it. Not that they were bad, they just… weren’t as awesome as I was expecting them to be. After a fair bit of rumination on the subject, I think I know why.

When it was on, I considered Futurama to be both the best animated show and the best comedy on TV. But season five ended in August of 2003. To put that into perspective, long-running comedy staples like The Office and How I Met Your Mother hadn’t started yet. Hell, Arrested Development wouldn’t even premiere for another few months. For a comparison on the animation side, only the early pilot ep of Venture Bros had aired.  Needless to say, the current television landscape is very different.

I want to dig out my DVDs and rewatch some of the older Futurama for comparison, but it felt to me like the new episodes were very much of the same quality as the old, though I’m guessing the CG blends in better now. It’s just that what was ‘the best of the best’ seven years ago is just ‘really good’ now. And I do want to say that, these episodes were really good! I’m just dealing with the weird temporal shift to bring how good it was then in line with how good it is now.

Oh and despite all of this? Yeah, Futurama would still kick The Simpson’s ass, even if it were in top form. Not just in terms of jokes, but the visual gags, the characters, the vibrant world, everything that I loved about the show is very much intact. So chronal ranking issues aside, if you were ever a Futurama fan I’m willing to bet you’ll love season six.



~ by Jerk on June 26, 2010.

One Response to “Good News Everyone! Futurama is Back!”

  1. BTW, can anyone read the title and not hear Professor Farnsworth saying it?

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