True Blood's New Directions

true blood eric long hair

I miss Eric's hair

It’s about time, that we started to see some new direction out of True Blood.  For me, it’s been one I’ve been waiting on for quite some time.  I was sick of the Marryann story shortly after it started and while I’m sad to see Eggs go, the characters moving on quickly will only help us.

While I don’t know or particularly care where the story is going with Sam and his new found family I am really excited about a few other potentials.  I really like the idea of Jason joining the dwindling team of law enforcement in the town.  The creators seem to have jumped on board the amazing chemistry that is Jason and Andy.  I love Andy so much more in the series than I do in the books.   I’d like to follow Jason down the lawman path and avoid the fate he comes to in the books.  While it was used to show Sookie’s compassion and cause some drama, I don’t think it fits with the TV version.

This medium allows for side character story lines to be followed deeper and I hope that’s what they do.  But it’s tricky.  When they started following the Maryann storyline things got off the rails a bit.  I think it’s all about choosing the correct characters to follow.   Jason, maybe Sam.  I’d love to dive into Pam and Jessica a little more as well.

And a post couldn’t go by without a big what the fuck to the last scene.  wtf.
Oh True Blood.



~ by doublebitch on June 29, 2010.

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