Starz Cancels Party Down

If you care that Party Down was cancelled, you probably already know.   Martin Star and a league of fans took to twitter to protest the decision that is almost certainly final.   The show ran for two short seasons and had a host of guest stars.  Mostly the show served to fill the gap left in Veronica Mars fan’s hearts after the show, the sense of humor and the amazing cast all but faded from their tv’s all too soon.

I won’t say that Party Down ended too soon.  I believe it had a lot left to give and a great ensemble cast that worked better and better together as time passed but the practical obstacles that it would face, and already had started to would make it almost impossible for it to continue at the same rate of awesome.

After the first season we lost Jane Lynch to Glee.  While I thought Megan Mullally did a great job in her place, it just wasn’t quite the same.  If season 3 were to exist we would have lost main character Henry played by Adam Scott to Parks and Recreation.   There’s a part of me that feels like there should be more honour and respect within the comedy world for what he was already working on, but money is money and I’m sure he’ll be great.   Ryan Hansen was also cast in the picked up NBC show Friends with Benefits which is probably filming right about now.   Lizzy Caplan is a big star with big movies and probably wouldn’t have had time even though she said she’d make time.

I really can’t see how Party Down would have survived all that and I think the staff behind the show knew that too.  I look forward to seeing more of the actors, more from Rob Thomas and I hope to see Paul Rudd get behind more TV if this is what comes of it.



~ by doublebitch on July 6, 2010.

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