Pretty Little Liars get Series-ous

Pretty Little Liars is just the most recent in the whole host of shows on right now based off a series of novels.  I haven’t read said novels but the show gives off a good vibe of how they would feel .  I think the two formats are made for each other in ways that others never could be.  The book series and the TV series are both designed to keep people on their toes.  Their characters have to be interesting enough, their story detailed and twisted must keep the audience coming back for more.

It’s also been a successful medium transfer in the past.  Gossip Girl, Roswell, Flashforward (questionably successful) The Vampire Diaries, True Blood.  We can even throw it way back to Little House on the Prarie, Road to Avonlea, Sweet Vally High and the Hardy boys had a tv show right?  I have no idea.

This isn’t even considering the long list of shows that have gone the other way and had official books published at the height of their popularity OR shows based off a series of comics.

At first I was concerned that the show would stick to the book’s demographic and I would feel left out but these high school girls are dealing with rather adult issues and turns out I like it.  It’s not what I would call quality television and I’m sure it will be forgotten easily once it has it’s run, but I do enjoy the mix of in crowd and outsiders, original characters and typical, expected ones.  The deeper you get into their secrets the more you care and the more you want to know what happens.

I kinda like how they’ve managed to get all of the girls into trouble without using drugs as one of them.  They made an appearance but one of the secrets isn’t  “Diet pills, what are these? diet pills?!” a la Corey in Empire Records.

I’ll throw it out there, I’m with the girls at this point.  I think the blind girl (Jenna) was killed in the fire and A went in to take her place.  Sasha Pieterse who plays A and Tammin Sursok who plays Jenna have highly similar pouty lips.  This could also be in place to make me look like a moron.  Highly possible.

So let’s hear it.  What’s your best guess?


p.s. Let’s see how long it takes for the girls on the book covers to get replaced with the actresses to sell more copies.


~ by doublebitch on July 10, 2010.

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