Warehouse 13: Back With a New Baddie

The second season of Warehouse 13 started last week, and I’ve been trying to get my thoughts together on what to say about it.

For the most part, what the premiere gave us was more of the same (which isn’t a bad thing, I ranked W13’s first season up with Leverage’s second, in terms of summer ness last year). The banter is there, the cool gadgets of yesteryear are there, the bad-yet-endearing CG is there. Everything you loved about the first season is still there.

But you don’t just want ‘more of the same’ from a premiere, you want something to set it apart from what came before, to show that this new season has a quantifiable difference, be it new cast members, a new tone, et cetera. What Warehouse 13’s second season gives us is a brand new villain for Pete and Myka to hunt down, one who is… well, pretty damn unique.

When you can take anyone from the past several centuries to be your villain, there are a lot of choices. Even considering you need someone with a connection to science, the occult, strange ideas, that sort of thing. But with all of those possibilities for who had been unbronzed by MacPherson, I was not expecting it to be H.G. Wells (who was actually a woman). It’s a random and brilliant choice, and I can’t wait to learn more about her, why she was bronzed in the first place, and what she’s planning to do.

Overall it was a very solid premiere. It gave us a new villain, brought Claudia back in (and brought her close to being a full-on warehouse agent), and redeemed Leena’s heel turn. I’m already feeling like 13 episodes may not be enough.



~ by Jerk on July 11, 2010.

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