Leverage Shares the Love

Summer’s here!  The sun is bright, the air smells like BBQ and the black leather seats in my car burn my ass daily.  Things just feel right but some of that has to do with having our off season lover, Leverage back in our lives.   We got spoiled with that back to back episodes for the past two weeks, were punished with a week off and are now settled back into happy moderation.

One thing I’m really happy to see return is the specific character centric episodes.  Last year we lost a lot of that to the epic story of Sophie and Nate and then the ‘oh look we have a new girl’ arc.  The past three episodes have taken us back to season 1 where we were still learning about what each character could do.

One of my favourite things about Leverage is how much mystery sits with each character.  I feel like there will always be something to learn about each and every one of them. We saw a Parker-centric ep followed by a Hardison centric ep and then one that smashed them both together. The question that sits on my tongue, even if I know better is ‘could the show survive if they actually got together?’ I’m pretty sure the answer is no, but I’d like to think maybe way down the line.. or probably just in fanfics. Damn you writers. This is why we have to have fanfic.

Kane fans everywhere are psyched up for this weeks episode where we actually get to see him sing and not just hear him sing while he does his ex in a horse stall.  The song he sings “Thinking of you” will be available on itunes after the show airs on Sunday night on TNT.  Check out the preview below. Also Pa Kent!


Oh and for you SDCC inclined folks, Leverage has added a panel.  Be sure to stuff that into your already insane schedules.


~ by doublebitch on July 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “Leverage Shares the Love”

  1. Adding Alona Tal into the mix as well.
    This plans to be an exciting episode 🙂

  2. yeah! I wasn’t sure if that was her or not. I’m glad it is! The accent is a little painful but I’m sure it’ll be fine.

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