Top Gear Back on the Right Track

I’ve stated before that the last couple seasons of Top Gear have been moving more towards semi-scripted bits than I’m happy with (not to say the show hasn’t always been a bit scripted, but recently it’s been more so), but it looks like this series they’ve managed to pull themselves back from that line. Last week featured a highly-entertaining car comparison bit that had the boys working as chauffeurs at a wedding (complete with Clarkson wearing pants made of tape), and this week’s ep featured the first honest-to-god Top Gear Challenge they’ve done in far too long.

This is what the show had been missing. Sure, they’d still review all the new supercars and stick a star in the reasonably-priced car, but it felt like the other classic Top Gear segments had been slowly fading away to be replaced with faking safety tests for their homemade electric car, or putting together a car-centric art show. I was starting to wonder if they’d run out of ideas for things to build out of cheap cars, but watching Hammond spend hours unfolding the largest motorhome ever was proof they can still come up with ridiculous challenges resulting in big ideas with even bigger design flaws. Clarkson terrified as he drove an apartment building on the highway was the highlight for me.

Now if we can just get a classic ‘car versus something-that-isn’t-a-car’ race before the end of the season I’ll be happy that Top Gear has righted itself.



~ by Jerk on July 21, 2010.

One Response to “Top Gear Back on the Right Track”

  1. Why jesus allows this sort of thing to continue is a mystery.

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