Welcome to the first ever JerkDoubleBitch LEVERAGE SHOWDOWN! What is the JDB LEVERAGE SHOWDOWN you ask?  Well, it’s when we take an in depth look at the Hitter, Hacker, Grifter, Thief and Brains of TNT’s Leverage then YOU vote for your favourite to win prizes! Thanks to the amazing Leverage team at TNT we’ve got a few prizes up for grabs that will sharpen your skills and get you one step closer to being just like your favourite criminal!

How do you enter? Leave us a comment on any of the LEVERAGE SHOWDOWN posts supporting your favourite characters and be sure to come back on Saturday to vote in the showdown!

*Contest open to US Residents Only sorry!*

Now on to what we’re here for…


Hardison, Leverage, Aldis HodgeI’m going to toss out my bias right now and say I’m kind of a sucker for Hardison.  If it’s possible for there to be an underdog in this group, I feel like it’s him.  Hardison’s a master hacker and a world renowned criminal but he’s young, he’s fresh and he’s got a heart of gold.  I have a hard time thinking of Hardison as anything but team Robin Hood.  He does his work as far away from the mark as possible, or he did until he joined the team.   Hardison’s got the ability to become many different characters and has no problem rockin’ a wild outfit to play the part.

He’s had to defend himself a few times and boy oh boy does he have the stature to do it if the situation calls for it but he’s a hider not a fighter in most situations.  Hardison’s got the gift of the gab but that’s also gotten him into a bad spot with some Russians.   Hardison is the team member most likely to get caught but in this day and age he can do a whole lot more harm than a broken arm and a headache.

Week after week Hardison is making it so everyone else can do their job.  Without him, there’s no way the crew could even find each other let alone stop an air plane remotely.

Hardison has ambition.  He wants to lead a crew someday.  He also has unlimited funds and access to new identities in a flash.  He’s the man with the getaway plan, now if he could just convince Parker to go with him.  He’s also the guy with the gadgets!  And lets not forget about the van.

So let’s hear from you,  Do you love Hardison? Is he your pick for the LEVERAGE SHOWDOWN?  Why or why not?

*Remember every comment counts as a contest entry!  We’ve got some cool con swag up for grabs like “The Con Artist’s Handbook”


~ by doublebitch on July 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “LEVERAGE SHOWDOWN – Alec Hardison”

  1. Obviously I’m a big Hardison fan (see website!) He’s got mad skillz in many areas. Like he pointed out to Nate – he can hack, grift, and steal. We neccessary he can hit but not as well as Eliot. But he’s a lover not a fighter. He’s been the heart and soul of the team since the beginning. And his affection for Parker is adorable! The pretzel scene would have made me a fan if I hadn’t already been one! I also love the banter between Eliot and Hardison. They are as different from each other as can be yet there is a strange brotherly bond there. Typical of brothers – they bother each other almost all the time but they’re there for each other. He’s the most attached to the team idea of them all so I think that he’s earned everyone’s trust even though they sometimes don’t trust each other. And when one of them takes a personal hit, it affects him too (like when the psychic hurt Parker). He doesn’t like seeing any of the team hurt. Plus he’s funny and smart. How can you not like Hardison???

  2. Crap – typos because of no preview option! Also my website is http://www.aldis-hodge.com

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