Welcome to the first ever JerkDoubleBitch LEVERAGE SHOWDOWN! What is the JDB LEVERAGE SHOWDOWN you ask?  Well, it’s when we take an in depth look at the Hitter, Hacker, Grifter, Thief and Brains of TNT’s Leverage then YOU vote for your favourite to win prizes! Thanks to the amazing Leverage team at TNT we’ve got a few prizes up for grabs that will sharpen your skills and get you one step closer to being just like your favourite criminal!

How do you enter? Leave us a comment on any of the LEVERAGE SHOWDOWN posts supporting your favourite characters and be sure to come back on Saturday to vote in the showdown!

*Contest open to US Residents Only sorry!*

Now on to what we’re here for…


First of all, I think Christian Kane is the most like his character out of everyone on Leverage, but I’ll try and keep this to what makes Eliot awesome, and not Chris. The obvious place to start is the hair. Eliot out-hairs pretty much anyone on TV (though first-season-RtB Jerry was close) so he gets big points there. The hair combined with his Eye Thing make for a knockout combo.

Being the muscle of the group he’s obviously a great fighter, but he’s got so many other skills as well: he cooks, he sings, he plays baseball, and he grows his own food. He also understands many different languages (though have we seen him speak anything other than English? I don’t think so).

Out of everyone on the team, Eliot is the least comfortable with improv, he needs to have a set plan before going in. I think this is because as the hitter he’s on the front line against the bad guys and most likely to pay the price if they screw up, so he wants to know exactly what they’re going to do ahead of time. Also on the subject of professionalism, he’s the fifth wheel in that Eliot is the only one not in a romantic relationship within the group. Though he does woo the ladies. Lots of wooing.

Eliot is extremely loyal to his friends, and has arguably the strongest sense of justice of anyone on the team, which is why he had the most difficulty accepting Sophie back into the group.

Lastly, while other members of the team can pull off all sorts of characters, Eliot has something that makes him quintessentially American, but saying as the team almost always works in the States, this isn’t too much of a negative.

So, is Eliot the best of the best? Will he win the LEVERAGE SHOWDOWN? Tell us why you do or don’t love him, and you could win some sweet stuff from the fine folks at TNT!


~ by Jerk on July 23, 2010.

4 Responses to “LEVERAGE SHOWDOWN – Eliot Spencer”

  1. “(though have we seen him speak anything other than English? I don’t think so)” … Eliot speaks Hebrew to Mikel in The Two Live Crew Job.

  2. Although Eliot isn’t comfortable without a plan, he does manage to quickly adapt to any and all situations. And when the team is down a member or two – like when Nate was kidnapped and Sophie wasn’t around in The Zanzibar Marketplace Job – he steps up and takes control as needed. But he’s very clear that he’s only on the team until HE wants to leave in the beginning but he admits in The Second David Job that he was just getting used to being part of a team.

    Like I said on Hardison’s and Parker’s these three characters are by far my favorite. And yes, the hair rules! Its like the sixth member of the team. lol

    (and Ana is right. He spoke Hebrew in Two Live Crew and I *think* he’s understood other languages before so I’m pretty sure he can speak it if he can understand it)

  3. I definitely think Eliot is one of my all time favorite characters on a television show. Eliot may be the muscle and really good at what he does, but he’s also shown he has other sides to him as well. As the line in Shrek goes, “he’s like an onion.” Eliot has many layers, some of which may be a bit harder to find than others, but they are there and what makes him such a treat to watch on screen. It’s been fun watching his character evolve from the pilot episode to where he is today.

    Plus, there is the hair. But that could be my jealousy that he has nicer hair than I do.

  4. Eliot is the goto guy. When Nate or even Sophie arn’t available the team looks to him. He gives them the edge they sometimes need to get a job done by “clearing” the way or by being there to watch their backs. Even if his not comfortabhle doing a job he will if it will mean the differnce between a successful job and that also means noione gets hurt. He willo do what it takes to make sure the team is safe. In all he is funny, resouceful, multi-dimensional,caring and most of all he is there protector.

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