LEVERAGE SHOWDOWN – Sophie Devereaux

What is the JDB LEVERAGE SHOWDOWN you ask?  Well, it’s when we take an in depth look at the Hitter, Hacker, Grifter, Thief and Brains of TNT’s Leverage then YOU vote for your favourite to win prizes! Thanks to the amazing Leverage team at TNT we’ve got a few prizes up for grabs that will sharpen your skills and get you one step closer to being just like your favourite criminal!

How do you enter? Leave us a comment on any of the LEVERAGE SHOWDOWN posts supporting your favourite characters and be sure to come back on Saturday to vote in the showdown!

*Contest open to US Residents Only sorry!*

Now on to what we’re here for…

The (con) Artist formerly known as SOPHIE

TNT, Sophie Devereaux, LeverageThe very first thing I have on my list about Sophie is that she has incredible legs.  Not to objectify her but she really does look good in those little dresses and trench coats.  Sophie possesses incredible social skills.  She reads people down to the tiniest detail and exudes the confidence to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes.   Part of her unique beauty allows her to take on a multitude of nationalities.  She rocks probably more languages than we can imagine and can make conversation on any subject.

I think it’s safe to assume that Sophie has a large network to pull from or at least a decent collection of people who ‘owe her one’.   As solitary as her life may have been she depends on people.  Sophie is one of the only characters with a sound relationship with everyone on the team.  I’d credit this to her being the only one able to tailor her personality to work with such a mix of different people and social settings.

Sophie is the only character who has/would leave.  She’s strong headed and knows what she will and won’t do.  She does not blindly follow Nate into anything and would not be convinced or pushed like Eliot or Parker.   That said, she is also the most likely to let her feelings get her in the way of her work.

Is Sophie the reason you proudly call yourself a Grifter?

Leave us a comment and be entered to win The Con Artist’s Handbook from the nice folks at TNT!

LEVERAGE airs Sunday nights on TNT


~ by doublebitch on July 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “LEVERAGE SHOWDOWN – Sophie Devereaux”

  1. My vote is for Sophie Devereaux. This woman rocks my socks. Getting to support Sophie (or whatever her real name is) is one of my favorite things about being a Grifter.

  2. Definately Sophie all the way. The smartest & sexiest of the bunch plus I love the actress from her Coupling days as Jane.

  3. Sophie FTW deffo my favourite character. Love the her kick ass persona and her backstory. LOVE gina bellman and she does the character justice
    Also love Sophie’s dynamic with Nate and the other characters ❤

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