We’ve now written down our thoughts on what makes each member of the Leverage crew awesome, check them out at the links right here:


Now it’s time for you to decide the winner! Tell us who on the crew is the most awesome/sexy/funny/competent/win in any of our LEVERAGE SHOWDOWN posts, and you could win a great prize from the Leverage team over at TNT! We’ll also give out a prize for our favourite comment, so make sure you tell us why you love who you love!

We’ve got a copy of The Con Artist Handbook, Safecracker game for PC, and for a grand prize this cool Robin Hood-themed chess set! How sweet does that look!?!?

Remember, we’ll need your email address from your comment to get in touch with the winners, and the contest is open to US residents only.

Now get typing and tell us who you love!

Don’t forget to tune in to Leverage Sundays at 9/8c on TNT or catch up at TNT.tv


~ by Jerk on July 24, 2010.

9 Responses to “LEVERAGE SHOWDOWN – Vote For Your Fave!”

  1. I know I don’t count but I’m reitterating my vote for Hardison

  2. my vote is for eliot!

  3. My vote is for Parker. She is so broken, so twisted, so brilliant. She never ceases to amaze and delight. And I LOVE that she still has Bunny!! Genius.

  4. I love Parker, because while she has abilities that are practically superhuman, we can all relate to her in that she often feels out of place, like she doesn’t quite fit in. But the team is slowly making her feel like she does fit in, without her having to change her innate Parker-ness. She’s still kind of weird, but they are beginning to appreciate that about her.

    On a related note, I have to give some major props to the writers, because I think they’ve done a brilliant job of making us (the viewers) feel the same way about Parker that her team members do. At first, we thought she was weird and off-putting (and maybe even a little annoying), just as Eliot, Hardison, Nate, and Sophie did. But as we/they got to know her better, we/they became more amused than annoyed by her quirks, and eventually grew to love her. That’s some kick-ass characterization there.

    So, to sum up: While I love them all, my favorite is Parker. 🙂

  5. Eliot gets my vote!

  6. I adore them all, but my vote has to go to Eliot. Completely leaving aside the hotness factor (no easy feat *g*), his character fascinates me.

    He is clearly the one with the darkest past, the truly “bad guy” of the bunch who has done the dirtiest deeds. And while we occasionally get glimpses of the things he’s done, I think we’re also starting to see that past starting to weigh on him. It’s as if he’s starting to grow a conscience, or at least starting to answer to it, and is looking for a little redemption.

    But he also seems to have some very starkly drawn lines about what he will and will not do (don’t mess with kids, protect the “family), and a fiercely protective nature.

    He’s interesting because he’s more than just the “dumb muscle.” I always look forward to learning more about him, and to finding out what made him who he is now.

  7. I like hardison! oh hardison, my darling hardison.

  8. Hardison! He is just made of so much awesome.

  9. Contest is now closed. Congrats to our winners!

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