Well That Was Fast

I ended my previous Top Gear post by saying “Now if we can just get a classic ‘car versus something-that-isn’t-a-car’ race before the end of the season I’ll be happy that Top Gear has righted itself.” Well, the very next episode opened with Hammond racing the Dakar Touareg down a snowy mountain and across a frozen lake, against two guys on snowmobiles. So, that was quite nice.

But Top Gear didn’t stop there, oh no! Next up we had May trying to hit the top speed of the new Veyron Super Sport, followed by the Stig setting the fastest lap time they’ve had with it. And after that, Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise in the reasonably-priced car, which Cruise tried his best to flip over during his lap. Clarkson ended the show with a look back at the life of the amazing F1 driver Ayrton Senna.

Overall it was one of my favourite Top Gear episodes, and easily the best one they’ve had in… three series? I’m very happy with the show right now. Too bad that this Sunday’s episode is the series finale, huh?



~ by Jerk on July 31, 2010.

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