J/DB Actor Spotlight: James Frain

As the summer rolls on and we’re using the free time in our watchness schedule to catch up on older things (DB has started The Shield, I’m going to try and get through what I’ve got left of The Wire), I thought it was a good time to introduce a couple of new features here, taking a look at some of our favourite actors and characters. I thought I’d kick it off with someone a bit topical, so our first actor spotlight is on James Frain!

James has quietly built up a pretty impressive resume, in spite of the fact that he spends a lot of his time acting on stage, especially in his native England. I first encountered James as Paul Raines in the fourth season of 24, where he was probably the nicest guy Jack Bauer ever tortured. He was pretty awesome from the get-go, with the implication that he may be a terrorist and all, but it was that first time he said ‘Audrey’, like he was secretly half horse and had just eaten a peanut butter sando that really caught my attention.

The Tudors remains on my “I’ll get to it eventually” list, so for the couple years I only really saw him in guest appearances on things like Fringe, Grey’s, and as an awesome quasi-pedo douchetank on Californication.

But with this summer season he’s shown up as Franklin Mott on True Blood, easily the break-out new character of the season (and that’s saying a lot, because Russel is awesome). He’s just so wonderfully insane, rambling on about the pronunciation of hooker, showing off his texting skills, getting his head switched from convex to concave…. Franklin’s a complete joy to watch every time he’s on screen.

It says a lot that he’s stuck in my memory so well, considering that before his current work on True Blood the only somewhat major  role I’d seen him in was on 24, but every time I’ve seen James Frain in something he’s been great, and honestly the fact that he’s in the pilot of The Cape is a big draw for me. Though I do have a slight tendency to say “Aaaauuuhhhdry” whenever he shows up on camera.



~ by Jerk on August 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “J/DB Actor Spotlight: James Frain”

  1. You MUST watch “The Tudors.” James Frain as Thomas Cromwell is utterly brilliant, turning a traditionally one-dimensional, stereotypical villain into a living, breathing, multi-layered human being whose life and choices you understand, and whose horrific death you mourn. That being said, the geniusly outrageous Franklin might be my most favorite of James Frain’s characters yet!

  2. He was in Count of Monte Cristo as……..a villain & Where the Heart Is too. Hated Where the Heart Is, but loved The Count. He was a great actor in both roles though. Franklin is the best TB character. I hope he stays on for a while. Please, Alan Ball, don’t kill off sexy Franklin.

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