Burton Joins White Collar

hilarie burton, white collar, one tree hillHilarie Burton has had quite a year already, with becoming JDM’s surprise baby mama and escaping One Tree Hill for the much more successful and interesting show White Collar.    I’d say that’s Hilarie – 2, Chad Michael Murray – 0, but who’s counting?

I’ve been looking forward to seeing Miss Burton on White Collar since the casting news was announced.  As you may have noticed by the sidebar, I got into One Tree Hill as a guilty pleasure late in the game.  There was a point around seasons 4 and 5 that my boyfriend could have quoted you the entire plot just from my addiction and affinity for talking about nothing at length.   He’s a good man.

I wouldn’t have said that the MTV VJ turned actress was the best actor on the show but that’s not really a fair comparison.  What’s important is that I did like her character and I found the show compelling enough to watch.  I was looking forward to seeing her spread her wings in a new format with a little more … shall we say credibility.  It’s a progression to adult entertainment and I’m making the switch with her.

All that said, I’m not sure where I sit on her addition to White Collar.  It really depends on how the 6 episode stint plays out.  As of now, after her first appearance, I don’t understand how her character could become necessary for that much time.  At the beginning of the episode, I really didn’t like her but by the end I was actually okay with her being around.  It’s a delicate thing, adding a woman to an incredible bromance.  Supernatural has tried and mostly failed to do so.

Her character is a lot of things.  She’s independent and lonely, she’s an insurance investigator/bounty hunter – think Nate Ford’s old job.  She’s ruthless and curious and in your face but also edgy, addicted to coffee and a little sad.  They showed her right off the bat as strong then softened her with weakness, also making sure that we noticed she was a woman and susceptible to romantic feelings. I’m a little confused as to whether she’s really complicated or just not very well thought out.

What it comes down to is that I’m not sure the show needs her.  I don’t watch White Collar for the great mysteries they solve.  Honestly, I couldn’t even recall three if I had to but I could recall some great Peter/Neil moments, some shining qualities about Elizabeth or something quirky pulled off by Mozzie.  USA – Characters Welcome is their moto and it really is true in this show.  It’s character driven and I hope they manage to keep it that way without too quickly pushing another girl at Neil, or the pair of them for that matter.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed.



~ by doublebitch on August 15, 2010.

One Response to “Burton Joins White Collar”

  1. I did think Hilarie did terrific on OTH, and she is much missed. Peyton was my fave! S7 was horrible.

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